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Try It Button

Let customers try on products from your website with a click on the try-it button, a simple website plug-in customized for you.

Try It Button Demo Video

Mobile Virtual Shopping

Personalized visual shopping tool that let shoppers add images of products on top of their personal photos on mobile phone or tablets.

Home Decor App Demo

Interactive Sales Tool

Your exclusive sales tool. Let customers discover and shop your entire inventory in just a few minutes, all in one place.

In-Store TryOnApps Demo

Personalized Mobile Shopping

Optimize your current sales and marketing efforts for Mobile with ease.


Mobile Digital Catalogs

Deliver your product catalogs and promotions onto customers’ mobile devices, tailored to their own taste.


Mobile Virtual Fitting

Shoppers take a picture on their phone or tablet, then drag and drop products into the photo for a virtual ‘fitting session’.


Personalized Shopping

Shoppers search and subscribe to mobile catalogs, receive personalized shopping recommendations and offers.


Sharable Shopping Experience

Customers share fitting sessions with their family and friends, promoting your products via word-of-mouth.



Combine Mobile Shopping channels and digital try-on catalogs, offer a ‘one-stop-shop’ solution in this fast-growing market.


Turnkey solution

Easily taps into your current marketing efforts, seamlessly transfers hi-res images, data and offerings onto mobile devices.


In-Store and beyond

Engage customers by letting them shop your entire inventory in just a few minutes, all in one place. Cross-sell and upsell based on your customers' perferences.


Customized Promotions

Provide targeted and compelling offers based on consumer's preferences, increase sales and enhance consumer shopping experience.


Optimize your Current Marketing and Sales Efforts for Mobile with Ease.


Home Decoration TryOnApps

Shoppers can see exactly how furniture will look in their home using TryOnApps. They simply take a photo of their room, then select from thousands of furniture options like couches, lighting, wall art and more!

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Jewelry TryOnApps

Reach your customers with a fun and unique experience, let them ‘try on’ your jewelry, watches and accessories at anytime, from anywhere.

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Latest From the Blog

How Do We Help Furniture Store Owners Increase Sales?

Written by Grace Tang  /  Published: Sunday, 11 January 2015

Would you like to know what furniture pieces are generating the most demand? There is a way to know.

It is very challenging to own a furniture store. Furniture occupies large showroom space. Having the wrong piece that does not sell means that a new piece can not come in for that space. Thus, you lose your selling window for the new piece.

Businesses maintain an advantage by keeping products that reflect current demand. For furniture retailers, information can mean the difference between getting or losing the sale.

How do you know a piece will sell or not? Orders need to be made months ahead of time before that inventory shows up in your store.

The best way is to ask your customers. Let them tell you which pieces are the ones they would like to buy.

Here is where the Home Décor TryOnApps comes in handy. This app lets the shoppers take photos of their rooms. It allows them to virtually add images of furniture on top of those photos and visualize how a sofa looks in their living room. They then make a decision to purchase that piece. During the last few months shoppers have completed more than one million try-ons using this app.

When a buyer sees a product they like in the app, they save the virtual TryOn result. Quite often, customers use the app to find nearby affiliated stores that sell that piece of furniture. TryOnApps generated more than 13,000 store leads during the past few months.

If you would like to know what trendy items to stock, simply request a monthly shopper’s choice report from TryOnApps. You can book your inventory based on what your customers like.

To reach TryOnApps, you can visit our website at http://tryonapps.com or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Let Shoppers Try On Your Products Using TryOnApps